Cooking with Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Clove, Coriander

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Cooking with Essential Oils

Spotlight: Black Pepper, Clove, Coriander

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is best known as a common cooking spice that enhances the flavor of foods, but its internal and topical benefits are equally noteworthy. Black Pepper has a chemical structure similar to Melissa, contributing to its reputation as an oil that soothes nerves and lessens anxious feelings. This essential oil is high in monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, known for their antioxidant activity and ability to help ward off environmental and seasonal threats. Black Pepper promotes healthy circulation, both internally and externally, but should be used with caution when applied topically due to its strong warming sensation. It can also help with digestion of foods, making it an ideal oil to cook with and enjoy for both its flavor and internal benefits. Read more about the uses of black pepper here


Clove is much more than a popular cooking spice and is favored among health care professionals and health conscious individuals for its cleansing properties.



Coriander in an annual herb, growing three feet high and being very aromatic. Derived from the seeds, Coriander essential oil has been used for centuries for nausea, stomach upset, and to aid digestion and is still used today for these same benefits. Coriander has a high linalool content, giving it strengthening and toning properties that benefit the skin, emotions, and body. Coriander has been studied for its ability to promote a healthy insulin response. Coriander can soothe sore muscles and joint pain and be an effective toner to the skin. Coriander’s sweet, herbaceous aroma is both relaxing and stimulating, making it a good rotation oil to use in blends to add a fresh, herbaceous note.

A word of caution: Only ingest essential oils labeled safe to do so, NEVER EVER ingest an essential oil that is labeled for EXTERNAL USE ONLY Don’t know the difference? Let’s talk! @ellicecampbell xo



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