10 Most Common Mistakes That Can Worsen Your Back Pain

Back pains....

Back pains…. (Photo credit: JD’na)

Article contributed by Nelson Homes
Your back represents a major and vital part of your body. At times, you may end up suffering from back pain due to one reason or another. The way you handle the problem will either make the pain worse or better. 

Here are 10 most common mistakes that can worsen your back pain

Mistake #1: Ignoring the Pain for Too Long

The importance of the back means that you shouldn’t ignore any pain however mild it is. It is true that lower back pain disappears by itself after sometime, but this is no reason to ignore it. This is because you never know the root cause of the pain. Make sure you make an appointment with a physician to give the correct diagnosis and help you come up with a treatment plan.

Mistake #2: Dealing Only With Symptoms

You need to understand that most of the solutions you adopt for your back pain work only to reduce the symptoms. However, you need to remember that there is a root cause that first caused the pain. Make sure you understand what is bringing about all the pain so that it does not recur in future.

Mistake #3: Thinking You are In Perfect Shape

No matter how fit and healthy you feel, you can still suffer from back pain. Some people think that since they are fit they can load on more weight when they go to the gym. This is a big mistake because it puts you in line for back pain. However healthy you think you are, make sure you avoid any situations that will lead to the development of back problems.

Mistake #4: Giving Up on Treatment

Many people suffering from back pain think that they have tried all the remedies and there is nothing more to do. The fact is that you shouldn’t lose hope. Keep on trying and understand that back pain rarely disappears after using only a single type of treatment. Most of the time treatment consists of a combination of remedies to do the trick.

Mistake #5: Leaving Everything to the Doctor

One of the biggest mistake you can make as a back pain sufferer is to put all the responsibility on the shoulders of a doctor. You need to take charge of your own treatment and work hand in hand with the doctor to make sure you are ok. Even though you may need help from different types of professionals, in the end it is your back.

Mistake #6: Sticking With the Wrong Treatment

If you have back pain, then you must have tried several remedies to get rid of it. At times, the solution you pick does not work for you. This is where the problem arises because even after realizing that the approach is not working for you, you still stick with it. For example, you may go back to a doctor who gave you a treatment plan that is not working at all.

Mistake #7: Deciding on Surgery as the First Option

Many people believe that only surgery will do the trick for their back problem. For your information, you need to try out various non-surgical approaches for several weeks or months before you opt for surgery. Additionally, the choice for surgery should be only decided by a qualified back specialist.

Mistake #8: Relying on the General Practitioner for Too Long

Your general practitioner does not have the necessary training to prescribe the best treatment for your back pain. This means that you may not get the best diagnosis from him or her. If your back pain is consistent, then you need to see a spine specialist to recommend the best treatment.

Mistake #9: Not Following Through With Your Treatment

It is amazing how many back sufferers stop following the treatment plan the moment they feel a bit better. You need to stick to the program that the physician has come up with because he or she prescribed it for a reason. 

Mistake #10: Listening to “Experts”  

This is a mistake that many back pain sufferers make. Your training partner may tell you that he or she experienced the same type of pain and treated it in some way. This may make you try the remedy proposed and avoid going to see the doctor. This is not the best way to handle such a situation.

Back pain is a process that may have started long time ago. The pain will become worse or reduce depending on how you handle the situation. The tips in this article act as a guideline to avoid the common mistakes that can make the pain unbearable.

Author Bio :

Nelson Homes is a blogger for www.hallandwrye.com He likes to blog for beauty and skin care related topics.In his free time likes to research on various cosmetic surgery procedures. Follow Nelson on Twitter@nelsonhomes77


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