5 Easy Steps To Easing Stress No Matter Where You Are

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Article submitted By Christine Kay

No one escapes stress. It happens to even the best and most prepared of us. It can strike anytime and anyplace, and sometimes you feel like there is nothing you can do to ease it.

In my years as a wellness practitioner, I have picked up a few easily adopted tactics that you can take with you anywhere. There is no need to feel as though stress relief is futile. Just follow my tips!

1. Hydrate! Keeping hydrated can fend off any signs of bloating and we all know the discomfort that can be caused by bloating. Even though this rarely has anything to do with your actual stress, keeping your mind clear and your body comfortable is always step #1.

2. Learn to meditate anywhere. Train yourself to drown out the background noise, or pop in some earbuds and play calming music while you take a few moments. Focus on something in your field of vision that is totally neutral. Flush your mind of all thoughts and even out your breathing, while continuing to focus on the object you chose. It is a small micro-meditation, but it can truly do wonders if you stop for a moment, on purpose and clear your mind.

3. Yamuna body rolling – Yamuna body rolling balls can be toted along anywhere you go. If you feel particularly tense, or stressed, you can whip out that Yamuna ball and loosen up some of your muscles and joints. This can also oxidize your blood and give you a much-needed boost of energy, which also does wonders for stress-relief.

4. Peppermint tea – there aren’t many places in this world left without a coffee shop on the corner, and just about all of them carry this powerfully relaxing tea. So, drop the coffee, which is probably not doing your stress level any good, and carry around a mug of mint tea.

 5. Get some fresh air. Being inside all the time contributes to what is often called cabin fever. The longer you stay indoors, the crabbier and more irritable you get. What might not stress you out normally could be causing you anxiety after long hours inside. Step outside for a moment, and breathe in some fresh air. About the only place you can’t do this, is on a plane, so instead, just get up and walk around. Moving your body can be just as invigorating.

These 5 easy steps certainly don’t prevent or get rid of all stress, but they will keep it to a minimum, allowing you to focus and be more effective and kind throughout the rest of your day.

Author Bio:  Christine Kay is a Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner in Vancouver, Canada. More about her work can be found at www.christinekaywellness.com

Find her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter

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