How to Start Being Healthier in 24 Hours


Article contributed by Emily Carmichael

Sometimes the daily routine can get tiring. And you might already know one thing: happiness and healthiness are intertwined. But in all honesty, waking up one day and deciding you’re going to be healthy is nearly impossible. It takes time, dedication, and more than telling yourself that you’ll give up greasy food for one week. Read on for five tips on how you get start being healthier in the next 24 hours.

Your Next Meal

Whatever meal is coming up next in your day, commit to making it a somewhat healthy one. I’m not saying you have to go all out to start, but incorporating more and more nutritious food into your diet will go a long way over time. You’ll be decreasing your chances of heart disease, increasing alertness, losing weight, and more. So even if your next meal is just adding a piece of fruit – it will be a start. Be sure you’re drinking water too – not soda!


After work? Before work? It doesn’t matter – people exercise at all different times. Take a bit of time out of the next day to go on a jog, a bike ride, or a simple walk. Start increasing the time you spend every day, and you’ll be building endurance so you can last longer. Nobody is expecting you to be a track star if you haven’t run in 10 years – all that matters is you get out and try it. And if you someday get to a point where you’re exercising for an hour a day, just remember it’s only 4% of your day. You’ll be losing weight, lowering your blood pressure, becoming happier, and getting much healthier.

Sleep 8 Hours

To put it simply, you need sleep to be healthier. You might be one of those people who can feel alright with less than 8 hours of sleep, but it’s not good for your body, and you won’t be as sharp as you could be. In turn, people who are more tired tend to be more lazy about what they eat, and what they do the rest of the day. Make sure you eat 3 hours before bed, that way the proper digestion is happening in your body. Exercising will make you sleep better at night as well.

Good Hygiene

Does flossing after dinner sound like a foreign practice to you? It’s something you should be doing all the time. Brushing your teeth twice a day and using mouthwash? Do that too. And constantly washing your hands – please, never forget that. Make sure all of these things are part of your daily routine. You won’t get sick, so you’ll be happy and healthy. I think that’s a winning situation.

Do Something Fun

Try to do something really fun, really soon. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the movies with your friends, going on a boat, or working on your car. Remember what the beginning of this article said. Happiness and healthiness are intertwined. Make sure you’re always committing a bit of time to enjoy what’s around!

Emily Carmichael is a health enthusiast and freelance writer. Emily takes natural health supplements from Forrest Health to increase her energy for her highly active and busy schedule.


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