H20’s the Way to Go: Five Reasons to Choose Water

Glass of water

Glass of water (Photo credit: Lifeintechncolor)


Fresh water is one of the most important things a person can put into the body. While the eight glasses per day rule has been debunked, it is still important to stay hydrated. The five reasons outlined below explain why a person needs a proper fluid balance.


Fluid Balance


The human body is made of around 60 percent water, which aids in blood circulation, digestion and absorption of food, saliva creation and keeping the body’s temperature under control. When a person needs more fluids, the brain will set off the feeling of thirst. Although plain water is best, any kind of fluid, except alcohol, will do.


Calorie Control


Water is not a magical weight loss tool, but it can help control how many calories a person eats, which can lead to shedding pounds. Eating high-water content foods, such as vegetables, can have the same effect by helping a person feel more full and less likely to crave snacks between meals, according to Commercial Water Delivery Youngstown.


Nice Skin


Skin is an organ, and one its jobs is to keep the body from losing too much fluid. While drinking water will help keep skin clear and healthy, it will not remove wrinkles, and excess water intake will simply be eliminated by the kidneys. Moisturizing products work to keep skin from becoming too dry.


Kidney and Bowel Function


The kidneys play an important role in removing toxins from the body, which is another crucial reason to drink enough water. Those who do not consume adequate amounts of fluids can end up suffering from kidney stones. Staying hydrated also keeps bowel function moving along especially when fiber is consumed. Water bulks up fiber, making it act like a big broom to clean out the colon.


Muscle Energy


Muscles are made of cells that can become shriveled and unable to produce energy when there is an imbalance of fluids. Those who exercise vigorously need to take in 18 ounces of fluid two hours before working out, then drink regularly to replace fluid that is being lost through sweating.


While water is not the only beverage to choose from, it is the healthiest in terms of maintaining the body. Drinking several glasses of fresh water daily, along with a diet of fiber, fruits and vegetables, will keep a person happy and energetic.




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