Where Does the Money Go?

Spending Habits of Average Americans

What America Buys & Sells

If saving money or being more financially solvent was part of your success strategy for 2013, becoming aware of where you are spending your money is imperative.  How do your spending habits compare with that of “average American” households?

mega corp map

Beyond Awareness

Do you yield your consumer spending power by purchasing from companies and corporations that support your ideals, or are your dollars up for grabs to the lowest bidder? If you want to change the way mega-corporations do business, quit buying from them. If a company has bad business practices that you think should change,  quit supporting them  by buying their products with your hard-earned money.  Support your local economy and buy locally from independently owned businesses.  Cheaper is not always better.


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Infographic: attribution to AccountingDegree.com 


3 thoughts on “Where Does the Money Go?

  1. Little Sis says:

    Great infographic. I saw one a few months back that compared our food spending with other countries. The difference was striking. Americans make such a fuss about how expensive our food is but we don’t spend near as much of our budget on food as other countries. Says a lot about our priorities.

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