Success Strategies: Healthy Weight-loss

The first week of the new year is behind us and I hope everyone has been successful thus far implementing their personal strategies for success in 2013. If losing weight is your focus for the new year we have some awesome resources and tips to help along the way.

The Complete Guide to Calories

Setting SMARTER Weight-Loss Goals

Instead of dieting, begin to incorporate healthy eating strategies into your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to learn better eating habits that you can maintain for a lifetime.To lose weight, you must use up more calories than you take in. Since one pound equals 3,500 calories, you need to reduce your caloric intake by 500—1000 calories per day to lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week

Setting SMARTER weight-loss goals, is the same process one can use when setting goals of any type, just follow the SMARTER mnemonic:

  • Specific-Be clear about what you want. I want to lose 20 lbs instead of I want to lose weight. A reasonable goal for most people is to lose 10% of body weight, even with this modest amount functional improvements in blood pressure and blood glucose levels can be achieved.
  • Measurable-How will you know when you have reached your goal? Tracking your weight-loss will help you visualize your progress. Try taking a full length picture weekly to help you see the changes you may miss on a daily basis.
  • Attainable– Is your goal challenging but still realistic? Losing 50 lbs. in a month is not just unrealistic, it is unhealthy. Aim for 1-2 lbs. of weight-loss per week, a healthier and more sustainable rate.
  • Rewarding– Is the goal rewarding enough to you that you are willing to put in the effort needed to be successful? The benefits of changing have to outweight the benefits of the status quo.
  • Timely-What is your target date? When will this goal be accomplished? Keep in mind the healthy rate for losing weight of 1-2 lbs. a week.
  • Engaging– How will you stay motivated? Do you have the support system you need? How will you fit healthy eating into your current lifestyle?
  • Reevaluate– What is working and what is not? Don’t be afraid to try something new when what you are doing isn’t working.

Need Help with Staying Motivated?

May be just what you need! SlimKicker is  a level-up game and point-based program. You start by tracking your diet, where whole foods are worth more points than processed foods. It’s similar to Weight Watchers, but in reverse.

But diet, and fitness are half of the battle. Most people regain weight because they never learn long-term habits. SlimKicker solves this by taking habits as quitting soda, and turning them into 7-30 day challenges. Like a regular game, the challenges start out easy, and gradually become harder, with more points. SlimKicker also gives you personalized advice so that you can achieve your weight-loss goals.

Want to Win Money for Losing Weight?

Do you have a competitive streak? Does competition drive you to try harder? If so, you will love Diet Bet!  DietBet is a game where you’ve got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. To begin, everyone puts money into the pot. After four weeks, whoever’s hit their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot. Join a game now or start your own.

All you’ll need…

a scale (preferably digital)

a digital camera or smartphone

A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo

Lose weight and win money?!?! Sounds like a win-win to me!

Healthy Eating Strategies

However you choose to stay motivated keep in mind our healthy eating strategies
  • Read nutritional labels- Educate yourself on what you are eating, there are many surprising things allowed in our food supply, find out what you’re ingesting. For example, Purdue researchers found that Olean, used in some brands of light and fat-free potato chips, can trigger GI side effects in portions of the population, but also can make you gain weight. The study found, rats who were fed potato chips containing Olean as part of a high-fat diet, ate more overall and gained more weight than those who were fed a high fat diet and consumed regular, full-fat potato chips. Why? Fake fats and chemicals screw with our body’s ability to digest and metabolize food, making us more likely to retain weight from what we eat rather than burn off the calories. To learn more about nutritional labels, please visit
  • Don’t eat “diet food”– According to, the fourth ingredient in slim-fast shakes is Canola oil, additional ingredients include, fructose, Hydrogenated soybean oil, and High Fructose Corn Syrup. A healthy diet should not include any of these ingredients regularly, especially when weight-loss is the goal.
  • Switch to whole grains– Scientists at the University of Copenhagen found in a randomized clinical trial, participants eating a diet with whole grains verses refined ones, lost more weight and saw a more significant decrease in body fat compared to those eating refined grains exclusively.
  • Cut out the sweetened beverages- Too much sugar is not good for you, adding calories without nutrition, but studies have proven that artificial sweeteners make you gain more weight than consuming regular sugar, indicating that when your body gets a hit of sweet taste without the calories to go with it, it adversely affects your appetite control mechanisms, causing increased food cravings.  If you can’t give up sweetened beverages completely, reduce your daily intake as much as possible, a 12 ounce soda can have 100-180 calories per can so reducing your soda intake also reduces your calorie intake significantly.
  • Get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables– Weight loss is not the only benefit of eating more fruits and vegetables. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables also provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health. Aim for 2 ½ cups of vegetables daily and 2 cups of fruit.
  • Eat a variety of foods from all the major food groups- Visit to get a personalized Daily Food Plan.
  • Keep a food journal- Research has found those that keep a food journal lose almost double the weight of those who don’t, and are more successful in keeping it off.
  • The USDA also offers the SuperTracker, a free website, which can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity. You can look up individual foods to see or compare their nutritional value, find recommendations for what and how much you should eat, compare your food choices to these recommendations and to your nutrient needs, and access personal physical activities and identify ways to improve. Find recommendations for what and how much you should eat. For more information, visit

If you need individual attention or more personalized support and motivation, let us help!

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