2013 Success: Setting SMART Resolutions

Creating SMART goals

In continuation of our 2013 Success series the above graphic is a great simplification of the SMART goal setting strategy. As discussed in yesterdays post, Realistic Resolutions, if you would like to be more successful in the New Year, it may be time to take a new approach. The New Year offers the opportunity to begin anew, to change course, to improve our lives as we see fit, so instead of setting empty resolutions approach the New Year with SMART goals. Take the lifetime goal list you completed after yesterdays post and decide what goals are short term (completed in 1 year or less), medium term (completed in 1-3 years), or long term (completed in 5+ years). Next, take your short term goals, and apply the SMART principles outlined above, this will allow you to determine the smaller steps needed to take to accomplish the broader but well-defined goal. The ability to break down the larger goal into smaller more manageable tasks is a wonderful skill that helps you realize that your goals can be a reality no matter how far off they may seem.
This process is a crucial step on your path to success, so take your time really thinking about the life that you want and what you are willing to do to get there. You are the factor that can turn dreams into accomplishments, you just have to decide the dreams you are willing to put effort into in order to see them realized.
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