Why Diets are Destined to Fail

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Most diets take a one size fits all approach

Just because your sister or friend had success following a certain diet doesn’t necessarily mean you will have similar results. We all have different needs and dietary risk factors and a healthy diet takes these personal factors into account.

Additionally, most “diets” do not teach you healthy eating principles and practices. You only learn how to lose weight following that particular plan which may not be a nutritional or sustainable way to eat.

Behind every success story is a fostering and challenging environment

In order to succeed in your health and wellness goals, you need a good support system. If you don not already have a strong support system and are unsure how to reach your goals, let us help! Schedule your FREE consultation, we will design a program that provides you total support in pursuit of you health and wellness goals while addressing your needs and expectations ( and your budget!)

You are surrounded by negative people

Success depends on being surrounded by people who will challenge you and keep you accountable. Negative people prefer to drag you into their bad habits (misery loves company) and ultimately may not want you to succeed. Be honest with yourself about the toxic, negative influences in your life.

Unrealistic Expectations

If you are more than 50 pounds overweight and you give yourself 5 weeks to get ripped you are setting yourself up to fail. Choose to focus on healthy lifestyle changes, not quick weight-loss, losing 1-2 pounds a week is ideal.

You also need to be honest about your limitations, I will never be a size 2, I am just not built to get that small, and that’s ok .

Activity or Lack Thereof

Adopting a consistent exercise routine will help minimize your health risk factors as well as boost your endorphin levels, increase your energy, and help you manage stress.

Quick Fix

Dieting is a short term fix, changing your lifestyle and learning healthy habits is a long-term solution. Successful people don’t diet- they change their habits.

“Diet Food” is not very healthy

While the convenience of being able to open a box of pre-portioned “diet food” may seem appealing, these meals are often laced with artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives, which are not good for your health overall. Learn how to eat real food, prepare healthy meals for yourself  and your family at home where you can control the portions and ingredients.

You don’t track your progress

Studies have found people who track their progress often have double the amount of weight loss in comparison to those who don’t. Tracking your progress gives you motivation when times get tough and you are feeling discouraged since you are able to see how far you have come, rather than just how far you have yet to go to meet your goal.

As always I am here to help, send me an email or Schedule your FREE consultation today!

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