Clean Green

Wellness Challenge #4: Clean Green

Do You Clean Green?

Green cleaning has been gaining in popularity, and for good reason, it is good for your health & wellness, your wallet, and the environment. If you haven’t jumped on the green cleaning bandwagon yet, let this awesome infographic give you some inspiration…

Switching to homemade green cleaning products may be somewhat overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it and settle into a routine, you can make an array of products with minimal time and effort. Once I ran out of my commercial cleaning products, I went green and never looked back! Thankfully all the products work wonderfully and with the use of essential oils you can customize the scent however you would like.
Whenever you are ready to Clean Green here is everything you will need:

With the above ingredients you can make your own laundry soap, all purpose disinfectant spray cleaner, dish soap, furniture polish, fruit & veggie spray, window cleaner, fabric softener, and a scouring cleaner (aka comet).

So go get your supplies and meet me back here, it is time to CLEAN GREEN!

I love to hear your feedback, leave a comment! Or if you would prefer to message me directly, use the form below, whether you have questions about your current cleaning products or you want a natural alternative to what you are using, let me know, I am here to help! 🙂

Featured Image:
Infographic Source: (by Column Five Media.) Browse more Health infographics.

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